Sujet: installation d’un service web
21/12/2015 @ 12:30:36: eric: installation d’un service web

Je suis en train de faire l'installation d’un service web sous Debian. choix entre joomla!, claroline connect, etc... je suis nouveau en administration et j'aimerais bien si quelqu'un connait la commande pour le télécharger directement via ma machine virtuelle ? claroline-1.12.0-alpha2.tar.gz

Merci de votre aide...
30/12/2015 @ 07:14:07: esperlu: installation d’un service web

Extrait du fichier INSTALL.txt


1. Download 'claroline1xx.tar.gz' (UNIX, Linux) or '' (Windows)

2. Open a shell, go to download directory and type

tar -zxvf claroline1xx.tar.gz

Windows : unzip '' with your favorite application.

3. FTP or move by any means 'index.php' file and 'web' and 'claroline'
directories to your website on web server (whether web root or subdirectory).
'index.php' should remain where it is, outside 'claroline' and 'web'
directories. You can also optionally copy the 'module' directory that
contains some common extension modules.

UNIX and Linux : copy the claroline1xx directory to the document root
of your web server (typically /var/www/).

Windows with wampserver : drag and drop the claroline1xx
directory to the wampserver document root folder, typically
c:\Program Files\wamp\www\

MacOSX with MAMP : drag and drop the claroline1xx
directory to the MAMP document root folder /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/

4. The following folders need to be readable, writeable and executable
for everyone:

- claroline1xx/
- claroline1xx/module and all its subfolders

You can change the access rights from the command line under UNIX or Linux :
chmod ugo+rwx claroline1xx/
chmod -R ugo+rwx claroline1xx/module

4. Open Web Browser and go to

Windows : with wampserver locally, open:

http://localhost/claroline/install/ (don't forget the final /).

MacOSX : with MAMP locally (running on port 8888), open:

http://localhost:8888/claroline/install/ (don't forget the final /).

5. Follow instructions.

Windows: if you use wampserver out of the box, default connection parameters
for MySQL are login : root and no password

MacOSX : if you use MAMP, default connection parameters
for MySQL are login : root and password : root

Linux : use the user you have created when installing MySQL or create a user
for your Claroline platform