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GoogleGoogle + vient de lancer son nouveau service d'organisation d'événements, et cela ne semble pas plaire à tous les utilisateurs du réseau social de Google. Linus Torvalds vient en effet de publier sur sa page:

Citation de: Linus Torvalds

Ok, so how do I disable the stupid event invites from showing up on my home screen?

Solution right now: stop using G+. I'm seeing zero actual posts, everything is just event invites from people I don't know.

Bye bye.

Après quelques échanges avec ses fans, Linus en rajoute une nouvelle couche en expliquant:

Citation de: Linus Torvalds

I was close to giving up on G+ anyway - they've tried to make it "pretty" by encouraging big pictures etc so you can only see two posts on your screen even on desktop (never mind mobile). So one or two active people will totally hide all the other people you might be interested in.

This just makes that go the extra mile of uselessness.

+Joel Pomales: I am using my circles. It's set so that the only thing I'm supposed to see is people who are in my circles. The events notification ignores that, and fills my screen with shit.

Citation de: Linus Torvalds

Guys, if you think I'm a moron, please just remove me from your circles now, ok? I'm not a computer newvbie. If I complain about something computer-related, you should just assume that I knew what I was doing, and the thing did something wrong.

Seriously. That whole "let's put all the invites you get on your home screen" feature had clearly not been thought through. It may work well if you're not in the circles of random people, but it's a completely and utterly moronic thing otherwise.

The fact that the new feature also defaulted to then spamming your mailbox or cellphone even if you had turned that off for everything else is also a sign of the G+ people who did this not really thinking it through.

Comme toujours, on ne peut qu'apprécier (ou pas), le cynisme dont Linus fait preuve.

Mais plus qu'un simple coup de gueule, Linus grâce à cette fonctionnalité recevait des centaines d'invitations par email et via sa page Google+, mais grâce à quelques correctifs rapides, Linus devrait au final rester chez Google.

Citation de: Matt Steiner de chez Google+
The celebrity fix isn't retroactive, unfortunately, but you shouldn't be seeing any new events shared to you today. (Caveat, third fix rolling out in a few hours, but it only fixes some extended circles edge cases). As someone who writes software, I'm sure you understand that bugs happen, and the only thing we can do is fix them as quickly as we can. I apologize for the inconvenience though.

Une chose est sûre en conclusion, il est vraiment rare de voir un produit aussi grand public corrigé aussi efficacement grâce à un dialogue avec ses utilisateurs, et cela reste une des marques de fabrique de Google.
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